iPiccy – Make Your Vacation Photos Engaging With Colorful Collages!

Want to remember that party and don’t know which shot to choose for printing and framing? Why not use all of them especially now that you have iPiccy?

iPiccy – Your Go-To App To Create The Perfect Collage!

Were you enjoying your last trip to the sunny beach or a friendly family dinner or a reckless hard-rock party for the chosen few hosted in the middle of nowhere? If the answer is yes, you probably have made lots of pictures to memorize the event. Your trusty Smartphone, after all, was there with you all the time.

Unless you were playing Pokémon Go and the game drained your battery within a heartbeat that is. Darn, that thing is poorly optimized. But, yeah, where were I? Oh, right, your precious memories captured in brilliant photos. Why choose one, when you can create entire collages with minor assistance from ipiccy.com?

What’s this iPiccy app for?

iPiccy is a stunning web app you launch in your browser to immediately ascend into the Photoshop Mater level. The app provides you with a simple, intuitive interface and rich functionality wrapped up in an easily accessible package.

iPiccy allows you to:

  • Create rich visuals from scratch with a wide gallery of pre-determined or custom templates, entire libraries or fonts, pixel art, vector graphics and other essential web design elements you see in some of the internet’s most popular visuals.
  • Enhance current photos with improvements like quick red eye removal, whitening of teeth, fast lighting and color scheme changes, etc.
  • Experiment with your looks through functionality that easily changes your hair and eye color, body types, adds accessories, etc.
  • And, most importantly, you will be empowered to create collages within mere moments from the second you’ve uploaded the photos!

How much does it cost to work with iPiccy?

Before we get to the fun part think about it. How much will you waste on services of a specialized photo atelier? Surely professionals don’t charge ridiculous amounts of cash for these relatively simple services, but hey: five dollars are five dollars regardless of the context!

Initially, you can ask a friend for a favor. A friend with skills that is. But such an approach has requirements:

  • You must have a skilled friend;
  • You will have to return the favor at one point or the other.

You are always free to do the job yourself in Photoshop but it will require immense investments of your time. Surely you have better uses for something as precious. You can plan your next trip for instance.

And, finally, there’s iPiccy, an app that can help you with a collage and you will be done in less than five minutes! This is one of those “quality of life” improvements and is worth every last nickel of investments. But how much does the app cost? Well, I didn’t know how to tell you this news, but I feel that I must. iPiccy is entirely free to use and doesn’t even require any registration processes. Just enter the site, upload your pics and you are all set!

Now that’s what you can call a deal of the lifetime!