Top SEO Strategizing Tools

Along with auditing the website, the SEO professionals have to chalk out a strategy to improve the website’s ranks in the popular search engines. For that, they use some important tools that can be free, premium or paid. Using these tools is legitimate and is highly practiced by the White Hat SEO professionals.

If you are eager to know about the top SEO Tools that are in use for strategizing read the following—

Google Analytics

This is the most popular and the best tool that SEO professionals always prefer to use. They use it for keeping a tab on the content update, and the pages. As the tool is excellent in showing the traffic status, it becomes easier for the SEO managers at WebsitePromoter to strategize by using the Google Analytics.

  Keyword Planning

With the constant updates from Google, many SEO professionals have accepted that in the present scenario, keyword is not the only key stuff in SEO. But for many acclaimed digital marketing professionals, it is still the Bright Star in the internet marketing sky and it still values a lot in improving the ranks of the websites. Thus using the tool can be helpful in strategizing the best and the most keywords.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

This tool highly helped the websites with hundreds of pages. This SEO blog-friendly tool crawls through the blog pages and tracks down the broken links for notifying it to the webmasters. With lots of random broken links, the website can lose the race of opening faster. Thus, if it fails it open within the real time, it can become difficult to manage the bounce rate. Hence, to strategize these issues, the contribution of the screaming frog and SEO spider is acknowledgeable.



One of the best tools for the content writers these days- Grammarly is used in checking the grammar and the syntax of the content written. SEO professionals also depend on before posting the Meta Title, Descriptions, Bookmarks etc for their SEO purpose. They can efficiently change the grammatical errors and sentence issues easily.

Keyword Rank Checker

This is another amazing SEO tool that permits around 100 Keywords for each domain and supports in returning the ranking to the website for each keyword given. This is one of the most important rank checking tools that helps the SEO analysts to strategize their next steps accordingly.


 As content is going more visual and appealing, SEO professionals must use graphic tools like Canva where they can easily create Infographics, posters, headers, banners for their SEO job. As the visual content has earned a position with the gradual transformations in the digital marketing juncture, it is becoming easier for the SEO guys to utilize the tool in making their pages, content, and graphics more alluring to the readers to attract organic traffic.



Buffer is a quintessential tool for social media management. A tool like Buffer helps in strategizing the social media posts easily.

So, these are some of the most important tools used for strategizing SEO.

Author’s Bio – Jason Reynolds is a successful digital marketing professional. Besides maintaining his consultancy business, Jason is a passionate blogger and his favorite niche is technology, internet, digital marketing, and especially, SEO.